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with intention, fill your cup and empty again….repeat

Art & Manner is an homage to the German phrase Art und Weise, which refers to the way in which one moves through the world - driving a car, drinking tea, practicing yoga, walking the dog, - doing the work and play of living the way only you can do it.

Art & Manner is a platform for projects created by and in collaboration with Adria Badagnani. Adria’s work of writing, translating German poetry, and crafting ritual gatherings is influenced by her studies in music (Indiana University), theatre (Butler University), and multi-media performance art (Institute for Applied Theatre Science at Justus-Liebig Universität, Giessen, Germany).

The art of ritual gathering is inspired by her theatre directing studies with Dr. John Green. The manner of shaping a durational container for happenings is a manifestation of studying and creating performance art pieces with Marina Abramovic. Her performance work with Firenza Guidi with ELAN in Italy shapes her ability to adapt and work spontaneously within the structure of space. The melodic thread that runs through it all is woven together by her yogic practice and teacher trainings with Sianna Sherman, Hareesh Wallis, and Janet Stone. She has been initiated into several lineage paths in the yogic and priestess traditions.

 Adria’s work and play has ranged from production design in film and television to directing and managing live performance and events with all manner of attention to detail. She is an avid yoga and meditation practitioner, balancing her introspective nature through writing, translation, and poetry with her expressive nature of connecting people in time and sacred space.

Much of my art is immaterial and temporal, and is unfolded in real presence. My intention is to serve as a bridge between the universe of each soul, to inspire and empower perspective of felt experience. My art inhabits the liminal spaces, the transitions, the manner of connection.
— Adria Badagnani